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As, you all know that Trabuco Canyon is the city placed in the hillock of the Santa Ana Mountains. Where mostly the houses have tiles and wood, surrounded them. So, this Carpet Cleaning Service has brought some other services too in your city, Trabuco Canyon, which will help you keeping your tiles and wood around the house in good condition. So, for tiles and wood cleaning, we use a equipment called ” Rug Cleaning”. Now, i will explain the pros and cons of using Rug Cleaning in the below passage.

Rug Cleaning

When we use rugs, normally? We use rugs normally on a wooden area of our house, in order to give it a nice look further a smooth surface to walk upon. It is obvious that when you have placed a rug on the surface or floor than it is mandatory to clean the rug after a particular time span. When you will ask for the Rug Cleaning Service , for the first time, you will be charged pretty much than the normal Carpet Cleaning Service. Because there is slightly a big difference in between normal Carpet Cleaning and in Rug Cleaning, Service. Normally, we have three kinds of rugs in our home:-
  • woolen rug
  • silk rug
  • normal carpet rug
Normal Carpet Cleaning rug, is different as compare to Woolen Cleaning rug and Silk Cleaning rug. Because normal Carpet can be cleaned at any temperature easily, without any fear of deformation in the shape. Whereas, if we talk about woolen rug and silk rug, then they are hard to clean because they can be deformed, when washed with wrong temperature of water. Chances and risk of fading of color is also expected. Therefore, Woolen rug and Silk rug should be cleaned with a proper heat and temperature care, so that it’s shape does not deform. And if we talk about color of the rug, so for that particular solvents and solutions are used during cleaning. So, in that way, color will not fade away. Those solvents and solutions will take care of the color and quality. Moreover, you might have witnessed that in our homes, we have placed carpets as well as rugs and pads too. Those pads are a excellent insulators and they absorb humidity and dirt in themselves very efficiently. So, cleaning of those pads are also mandatory. for that you know very well, where to call, your one and only Dr. Carpet Irvine. Because you know that we have experts for this cleaning purposes and they know that up to what intensity of heat and temperature our product, i.e; rug, carpet or pad, should be cleaned. We know how to take care of your product. After our service, your product will look fresh and new. None of our service will damage your product’s appearance.

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